Posted on April 30, 2004 at 10:33 am

I picked up a special order from Puttin’ on the Knitz in West Newton yesterday.  I have grown very fond of owners Don and Janet for their candor and generosity as knitters.  How many Knitting Shops can you think of where you can walk in with a knitting problem, any knitting problem, from turning a heel to lace technique, to customizing a pattern, and be confidant that the owner will drop just about anything and give you the lesson right then and there, gratis?  zen_pinksIt was Don who gave me the disenchanting news that I was a combination knitter, but as difficult as it was for me to hear that, I have as a result finally understood after 25 years as a knitting why I have always had to fiddle with decreases to get the to slant the correct way.  This has liberated me to attempt lace work and to also share some of my own patterns with other knitters.  I had him look at the decreases in my Dino hat and offer suggestions for refining that part;  I am working on getting that pattern ready by next week sometime.  Thank you, Don!

So my special order was a pack of variegated pink Berocco Zen to make into a simple shell.  I was so inspired by knitsmith Colleen‘s sweater she is making out of a mocha coloured Zen, and the general Tank-Happy blog world, that I figured I should give one a try.  What’s the worst thing that could happen aside from the general humiliation of wearing a sweater that makes me look like Blutto?  Most of my sweaters do anyway.  This will serve as incentive for bare arm weather.  I am working on shedding a bit of my Jenny Craig image and hopefully I will be able to model the finished tank with pride.

Meanwhile, look at what the knitting time machine dropped in my lap!

karen_allenI think I make even make this one:  Doesn’t the model look like a blond Karen Allen–you know, Indiana Jone’s girlfriend from the first movie?  The cheating girlfriend who sleeps with Professor Donald Sutherland in Animal House?  Am I dating myself here?

There are some real treasures in this little pile:

Get a load of Rocky Balboa here. Don’t you just love the back- ground?  And the expression on that kid’s face?  He’s thinking "My Dad’s sweater is neat-o." If I had any kind of readership, I might have had a caption contest for this one.  Someting to save for later, perhaps.