Posted on June 10, 2004 at 10:22 am

Here’s a photograph of the front and back of the Insomnia Sweater, demonstrating a classic example of foreshortening, the application of linear perspective to the figure.  In this instance, the foreshortening just makes the sweater look wonky.  It’s all right, I swear.  Same size, front and back, in spite of the eight years difference in time, and the considerable ebb in my stress level since then.  My guage has been consistent.  I promise that I’ll backtrack on those shoulder edges and do a proper three needle bind-off.  Since this is cotton, it’s going to need that little extra structure.  I may even baste a piece of seam tape along the shoulders to be certain.  The sleeves are going to be heavy, and I don’t want this to look like I made it for a gorilla.  Well, at least not for one with longer arms than mine.

(yes, for those of you don’t just look at the pictures as you blog-surf, I just called myself a gorilla.  Aren’t I clever?  Aren’t you glad you bother to read?  Actually, I took the magnificant Toddler to the Franklin Park Zoo on Tuesday, and we saw the Lowland Gorillas who live in the Tropical Rain Forest exhibit, so I know a little bit about what I’m talking about.  This particular group has been in the news lately since one of their own, Little Joe, has taken to escaping.  But they are largely a dispassionate group, lolling around, looking at all of us humans traipsing through.  I swear, one of the females was giving me serious "Are you still here?" attitude.  She’d roll her eyes like I’d told a joke she had heard a hundred times, ignore me for awhile, and then glance back in my direction to see if I was still looking at her.  I have to admit that I was knitting.  I take my knitting to the zoo because Will wants to look at some of the animals for a looooong time.  I just pull out a sock, or in this case, the Azkaban scaft and knit away.  So this gorilla female may have been saying to me, "Knitting in public, I understand, but the zoo?  What, are you, like, obsessed?")



You are probably hanging by a DK weight thread to see the difference between the back of two fronts, right?
So here, on the left, is the front I started eight years ago, when I knit two colours in a row by dropping the yarns in turn, and stranded across the back of the star.  On the right, is the new front, where I knit two colours in a row two-handed so that the yarns did not twist, and I used a strict intarsia method with the stars.  When they are blocked and ends all woven in, which should take me until 2007, there shouldn’t be much visible difference between the two for anyone else but me. 

lacealong update: Kate and I are going to compare notes and gather data and report sometime this weekend about the projects submitted by our impressive collection of lace-alongers.  So, stay tuned. 

Remember to breathe.