Posted on February 27, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Pretty yarn, isn't it?


It's Indulgence from Mad Color Fiber Arts, in four of my favorite colors: (from the top left in clockwise order) Pink Tourmaline, Ginger, Black Cherry, and Just a Flesh Wound. I wish my camera did not skew so far away from the blues that are in theses colors, because they are luminous in person, and only mildly resemble their true beauty when passed through the digital experience.

I picked these up this past weekend at the New England Textile Arts SPA Weekend in Freeport, Maine. Heather of Mad Color had her booth set up in her gleeful color array, complete with Disco Ball and Heather herself wearing go-go boots and a fantastic dress crocheted out of all of her colors. It would be hard to leave without a smile on your face, if not a bag full of your next project, which is what this is. Don't ask, just wait and see.




Also, on the pretty yarn subject, I have finished spinning the Enchanted Knoll Farm "Bliss" in Cheshire Cat that I was working on last summer, just in time to start some more. Spinning this fiber is another kind of joy, which clearly is why it has the name it does.