Posted on September 11, 2010 at 1:46 pm

Not much to show for the week because the flirtation I developed with Pyramid Solitaire has turned into a full blown obsession, and I currently rate number one in my friends' scores, but not in the all-time category, which I must dominate once and for all . . .

In spite of all of that, here's what has happened.


The observant will note that last post's version of Primrose Path lacked only the back above the arms eye, but this one seems to lack the front.  This marks my fourth major rip for this sweater, all of it my responsibility. Never has one sweater so thoroughly schooled me in the necessity of actually reading a pattern and counting stitches.

Meanwhile, Bird in Hand thumbs:


One down, one to go.  Obligatory bird shot:


The eye's a little wonky, but I'll tweak that. I embroider before I start the decreases for maximum access, but it always looks different once the thumb is closed up.