Posted on August 29, 2004 at 9:17 am

happy_happyThe boy agreed to put on the giraffe sweater for a photograph if I promised to use the flash, since he thinks that is the best part of having his picture taken. Future paparazzi subject, perhaps?

I realize that along with my glorious devotion to fiber aquisition–whereby I attempt to liberate the inventory of every yarn shop on the entire eastern seaboard and fit it into my house–I also flit from project to project without ever actually finishing anything. These two behaviors are, as you can see, clearly the manifestations of the same deviant pathology.
I am a promiscuous knitter.
But there is a yarn revolution going on out there. What is a girl to do with so much variety and so many creative ideas flying around? I admit that I started this very blog to keep me focused on the knitting, to encourage me to be productive and to not let things languish for months in the basket. But instead, inspired by all the many many beautiful things being knit by knitters I have adopted as virtual friends in the blog network, I now have projects all over the house. The reading of blogs just creates a false sense of peer pressure, and I can’t keep up with all the new ideas. There’s Tuja and Jaipur and the Habu cardigan on the counter in the kitchen, the knitting bag by the back door with the long forgotten Noro Blossom vest for when I leave the house (that should give you a clue about my social life right there), the Azkaban scarf (eleven repeats down, seven to go)on the floor next to the rocker in the boy’s room for while I sing to him at night, the spinning wheel in the TV room, a long neglected felted turtle project wedged into the couch cushions in the parlor where the boy’s beloved train table is set up (sorry, I live in a pre-Revolutionary house; we have a parlor), and I am now flirting with the Manos to the chagrin of all the other yarn I have been whispering sweet nothings to for the last month as I neared completion of Jaipur and could see an opening in my project roulette.


It doesn’t make for good blog reading I would guess, with so many yarn balls in the air. One day it’s a post about the green thing, the next the post is about some scarf that won’t be seen again for seven weeks, followed by a post about a seaming party for a project the reader doesn’t remember having ever heard of before. With so many comings and goins of characters, this blog is becoming perilously like a Thackeray novel. I admire knitters who start and finish projects, and reading their blogs is so much more enjoyable for me because there is what the literary folk call “narrative continuity”. The reader can follow the story, and form emotional bonds with the things being knit.

Needless to say, I couldn’t keep my hands off the new Manos I bought last week. The ball was just too pretty, and I am just too bored with the idea of finishing Jaipur, so I swatched. I swatched half the ball, in fact. I got into the groove of this leaf border pattern I’m working out the kinks out, and I thought that a deep foresty green with mossy variegations would be a lovely medium for leafy bits. Well, it’s not. The yarn is just too dusky to show the stitches well, so a plain sweater it will be then, as was my initial thought. But it is nice knitted up, as you can see. In the interest of narrative continuity, I have promised myself that I will not start in on the Manos until I have finished something. Anything. And then I will try to finish a few things. Fall is coming after all, and there’s a whole new cast of things to put on the needles. The cardigan from Annie Modesit’s Ballet Neck twinset from the Spring IK, a dragon jacket for the Boy . . . a black tweedy vest with a colourful button band for my patient husband, that raglan for the Chasing Rainbows aran I’m sitting on . . . hats . . . mittens . . . cashmere gloves. . .