Posted on April 27, 2005 at 4:51 pm


You are so tired of this Daylight sweater thing, aren’t you? 

I tell you what? I promise to finish this sweater before I take one more boring picture, I get to show you a cute kid pic of the Boy in his new sweater, and then we’ll be done with it, okay? 

Then maybe I’ll graft those stitches I promised you I’d take care of on the Ballet Neck Cardigan (I’m not scared; I sat through The Village last night.  If Ivy can race time through the beast-infested woods with nothing but her seeing-eye cane, I can graft 300 stitches), and swatch for the very same Aran cardigan that Juno has just started (she thinks that you’ll want to knit it too once you see that all of two of us are making the same sweater, and she might be right because it is cool.  I think it’s even cooler than the must-have, and you know how many people joined that parade, don’t you?) and slip a knit teddy bear in there somewhere (I loved the one Siow Chin sent to Lis’s daughter Jamie so much, I have to make one NOW– you can see it here).

And I was thinking that maybe I should put in a few rows a day on the PS136 because the poor thing is beginning to grow whiskers it’s been asleep for so long, and I have been thinking about writing out a pattern for an easy-on mitten for the Dulaan project.  You know little kids and mittens, right?  If there’s a way for the pinky to end up in the thumb, it does.  It’s a miracle we get out of the house some mornings without broken digits (mine, that is).

And then, maybe if I’m good and eat all my vegetables, my head won’t explode.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some stitches I have to pick up.