Posted on April 22, 2005 at 12:32 am

Orange_stripeI made the pattern, I did the math, I thought of new ways to worry so that I would only have to knit this sea of stockinette once.  But the farther I work into the neck and sleeve shapings, the more likely it is (I fear) that this will resemble a present for Morticia’s Cousin Imar than it will satisfy The Boy’s fantasy of a Daylight half-zip.

I made a calculated guess about what I might call a half-way row on the orange stripe, cast off 30 stitches on the center, followed by several rows for the left sleeve, and then reversed the usual neck shaping you’d make, by casting on at the neck edge one stitch twice, two stitches once, then three stitches once. Then I came to a problem. 

The white stripe that I have to make right about here takes three rows of knitting followed by one row of picking up the stitch from three rows below so that the whole thing pops out.  What kind of increasing should I do so that it doesn’t cause the whole thing to warp when I pick up for the collar?  Do I do any increasing on these three rows at all? Is the white stripe going to make the collar all wonky?   

Meanwhile, I have a creeping doubt about the widening
wrist opening.  I know I’ll be picking up stitches to knit some kind of proper cuff, but it’s beginning to look to me like it’s huge even for
that.  Yet up near the underarm the sleeve doesn’t look big
enough, although it’s hard to tell with all the rolling stockinette
refusing to be honest about how much area it covers.   If I weigh down the perimeter with enough things so that I can see what it looks like without so much curl (husband on walking into kitchen and seeing the sleeve pinned down on the counter like a frog for dissecting:  "Are those all the mugs? Because I would like some coffee."), it does fulfill the outline I drew for the paper pattern.  But somehow, it just seems skimpy. 

Why did I think this was going to work?  Why isn’t there a pattern somewhere by a real designer that I can just follow and then I could blame them instead of having to struggle with the knitter’s bargain with doubt: "If I knit ten more rows, and it still feels wrong, how many more rows after that do I have to knit after that before I know that I’m right?"  or something like that.

Please, don’t reassure me, it won’t work.  I didn’t write this post looking for your confidence in my knitting as much as to just say it to someone who understands what I’m saying and isn’t just nodding patiently hoping I’ll finish before the coffee gets cold in the Bodum.