Posted on December 7, 2013 at 4:24 pm

I ripped out the Skipperdee Hat last night. In the clear light of day I realize that I probably should have waited for the clear light of day in order to photograph it so you would understand. But I was in a late state, and ultimately it doesn’t matter that there’s not a picture because my reasons were personal.

It was looking good, having just passed the last row of the chart. I went to the mirror to check out how much more of it I wanted before beginning the crown decreases. It looked nice on, making that nice horizontal I like in a hat to balance my own very vertical head. Was it feeling a little small, perhaps? But before I made that decision, I flipped the ribbing under in the spirit of experimentation, and instantly preferred it that way: with the clean edge at the bottom of the hat. So ripping was the only answer at that point, given that I was also feeling that indeed, the hat was a little snug on my big noggin.

So today, I am casting back on, to knit it with one more repeat (which will add an inch and a half), and a turned hem. Go on, call me a rebel for bucking the ribbing treatment.

living on the edge, baby.