Posted on June 29, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Of the several kinds of knit-centric events I have been lucky to attend in the eight or so years since I planted my flag here at Moth Heaven, I would say that TNNA is the most.

That's right, The Most. Exhausting. Inspiring. Exhilarating. More than any other gathering, TNNA reminds me where my center is, and who my friends are. I respect the professional atmosphere there, and I continue to aspire to be included in the community that makes knitting and wool such a creative resource for all of us.

North Market Cafe au Lait and knitting down time

This was my third TNNA, but the first since I left Twist Collective, and the first that wasn't a 24 hour surgical espresso shot of get-er done. Kate, Irene, and I used to arrive in the morning, slam the check list, knit and network, then leave first thing the next day. This year, I went two days before the show floor opened and enjoyed myself, meeting up with friends and hanging out late into the night with my room mate. I was lucky to be among the group attending MarlyBird's Yarn Thing party Friday night (There are lots of other people's party pictures on flickr if you search for #TNNA). I worked as a floor greeter Saturday morning which was unexpectedly fun, thanks to the good humor of my co-greeter, Miriam Felton.

I treated this year as research, acquainting myself not only with yarns, but with companies and with yarn store owners. I reconnected with familiar faces and old blog buddies, and took in as much as my easily over-stimulated brain could allow. I asked everyone as many questions as I could, and took away much to think about. There's a lot of theories afoot, everyone trying to answer the age old question "What do knitters WANT?" Of course, it varies, depending on who you ask, like the parable of the five blind men and the elephant.

matching manicures with Rose-Kim

It's hard not to get carried away with all the input, and acting like a grown-up was especially difficult this year with all the enthusiastic people in attendance. We all had a lot of fun, I do have to admit. Craftsy held a chic little party at a painfully cool cocktail bar down the street, and I managed to cram myself in there to be handed my first Old Fashioned, which suited me perfectly. Yum. I was there to celebrate the immediate success of Miriam's Lace Shawl Design class, and the launch of "Shoot It", the on-line photography course taught by my favorite photographer, Caro Sheridan.

Not a Splityarn photograph


I have a few thoughts to share in another post, a soapbox about yarn I want to climb up on, so I'll have that to put here in a few days. In the meantime I did want to show you this, one of my new favorite yarns: a Polworth SIlk blend called Luminous, from Sincere Sheep.


Brooke has the most delicious slightly dusky jewel toned palate that is all natural dyed, and as often as possible locally and farm sourced wool. Among her bases, she also has a Rambouillet sport weight I hope to find something special to do with soon.

I like to leave a good party late, to be the not quite last girl out the door, and so I was, getting on a Monday plane loaded with knitters that slid back into Boston between bands of thunderstorms that grounded later flights headed that way. I slept very well for a few days after that, dreaming of articles to write, sweaters to be, and sheep.