Posted on April 20, 2005 at 1:52 pm

Red_stripeAs in knitting, but I like the beer fine too.  It’s real Red Stripe weather around here today, anyway.  Bring on the steel drum music.

I’m with the Stockinette Program.  The wingspan is 210 stitches across, and the red stripe is 12 rows.  2500 mindless stitches last night during knit club.  The hardest part is the first row of the new colour when I knit into the first row of the white stripe to get it to pop.  I’m one red stripe down, one orange, one more red to go. I’m getting close to neck-shaping territory.   Don’t ask me: I haven’t figured out the final numbers.  I haven’t really thought about it yet.  I did find a short black zipper.  The Boy is getting excited. 

PalsElsewhere, Cow and Woolly are getting along fine.  This is the stuffed felted sheep I bought for the boy at the Denmark Sheepfest last Saturday.  Fiber Trends veterans will recognize the pattern, but for a $30 investment, I endorsed a fellow knitter, and guaranteed that the Boy will allow me to drag him to the next fiber event I can’t get childcare for.  Gore Place, anyone?