Posted on October 21, 2014 at 5:02 pm

I always come home from Rhinebeck as a stew of impulses, finding the sorting out to be as fun as the weekend itself.

One comes from wanting to make another Hiro to add to my small collection. I saw a number of Hiro sweaters in color combinations that rocked me a little. And I realize I don’t have a green one. I know! Me, without a green version of that sweater. How can this last?

Green Mountain Spinnery has a newish yarn called Mewesic that is 100% New England wools, DK weight, and in jewel tone colors that grabbed me immediately. I’ve been playing with the colors on my laptop since I got home, and have a few ideas for combinations.  Pardon the screen capture level images, I’m short on tech these days

I started here, all cool colors with slight tonal shifts so the pattern would be muted but distinguishable. I saw a beautiful version at the fairgrounds that was so muted it wasn’t clear to me that it was Hiro at all, until I got up close and understood, then thought it one of the loveliest ones I’ve seen. “Like a Monet” someone said.


Top to bottom Blue Bayou, Green Eyed Girl, Purple Haze, and Atlantis (see the colorway theme they got going on here?).

I could also be happy with a cool color trio, simplified by substituting the natural New Mexico Organic for one of the four variables. This one would be pretty in almost any order.


Top to bottom: Purple Haze, Green Eyed Girl, New Mexico Organic Grey, and Evergreen.

Then I tried a similar idea, but inserted a complimentary pink which would really pop. Almost any of their darker colors would work for the main color if you liked this idea.


Top to bottom: Green Eyed Girl, Blue Bayou, Pink Cadillac, Atlantis.

And then I went in another direction, indulging my love of this purple and using both a neutral and a complimentary hue, this time as Evergreen in the main color of the sweater.


And this one for a bonus: a color detour, but pretty to me no less for it. It reminds me of the warm jewel tones in my purple Hiro so I am not likely to repeat myself quite yet. But there’s nothing to stop you from taking it as inspiration for yours.


Top to bottom: Purple Haze, Passionate Kisses, Sandman, Diamonds and Rust.

Mewesic has an almost foolproof collection of colors for a Hiro if you are so inclined. There are many other possibilities. West Coast friends I was Rhinebecking with are organizing a fresh Hiro KAL starting up in the next week. I’ll let you know where that is going on, but there will most certainly be a bit of coverage in my pattern support group on Ravelry here.  I hope you can join us!