Posted on April 14, 2004 at 5:21 pm

I used to read several books at once, leaving them around the house: one in the kitchen; one open over the arm of a favorite chair; one by the bed; one in the john (who am I kidding? one in every john). 

Now I leave knitting around the house.  My little guy is sometimes too demanding to let me leave and fetch my main project, so I have little things staged here and there.  I finished a felted giraffe extrapolated from the Fiber Trends Llama last week, and here’s the scribble I’m working on next:


It’s a Dinosaur.  Actually, I hope it will be a dinosaur.  More Apatosaurus than anything else.  Will has been wearing his dino towel around the house and it trips him up.  So I’m attempting to make him a hooded capelette kind of thing.  It was the yarn that gave me the idea.  It’s Reynolds’ Ole Ole, which comes in the most dashing colors, including the best dinosaur green.    If I don’t mention it again, you’ll know I gave up and stuck it in the Rubbermaid Time Capsule.

Wish me luck.