Posted on December 9, 2004 at 5:38 pm

It didn’t hurt. Really.
I am a little sore two days later. I knew this one would get to you, beause we’ve all thought about it, and all worried, even for a moment, about it.  But just so that anyone concerned with my health can sleep tonight: there is no sign of creeping gangrene or lockjaw.  My toes still respond well, and I can bend my leg. Thanks so much for the collective concern.   
But I have an observation to make: blog readers will slow down on the the highway to see what all the flashing red lights are about.  I have never seen such a response before on my lowly little blog.  It may be about knitting, but what people really respond to is carnage (as in, frogging), self-immolation, and sex.
My most popular posts since I began this blog were about sex and about pain (see previous post). It’s all humanity, ain’t it?  So now I know that the next time I need a little attention, all I have to do is throw myself on a Susan Bates 8mm, or put that Chibi case where the sun don’t . . . um. 
Maybe not. 
(I used to be such a nice girl)

And still the knitting proceeds. Beloved sweater back up and being
worn (right now!), neck-down sweater has a sleeve, and there’s a new pair of socks
in the works.

In other news, I am about to announce the date for the afghan sewing party, to be held a few doors down at The Morrill Place Inn.  I’ll be honking it in the high street when I get final clearance from Kay, but it looks like the 22nd of January is our best date.  I’ll be happy to email directions to anyone who wants to come.  There’s still stuff to work out, so stay tuned.

And on other not-entirely-unrelated news, I promised you a yarn store update.  My friend who was going to open a fiber store has decided to wait for awhile.  It all boils down to real estate.  There just isn’t any real estate right now that is friendly enough and affordable enough to make a store worth while.  There is a yarn shop here in Newburyport (Three Bags Full) that the owner staffs solo because she can’t afford to pay anyone to spell her.  And so it would be for my friend even though she was looking farther afield in the slightly more bohemian town of Amesbury, where rates are not quite so prohibitive.  But there’s good news to come, since she’s reimagining the whole venture, and when I have details, I’ll let you in on it.

But for now, be safe, be sexy, and just knit.