Posted on May 27, 2004 at 10:57 am


When I made the giraffe last time, I added the spots after felting with embroidery floss.  This time I’m going to experiment with felting the spots.  If you click on the picture, you can see how far my embroidery skills lag behind my knitting ability.
My husband has promised to actually walk into a yarn store all by himself and buy me another skein of Lamb’s Pride for me on the way back from picking kids up from school this afternoon.  This man is fearless.  He buys me a digital scale, he gets my Ortho scrip refilled(granted, that is in his own best interest), buys me girl stuff at the supermarket.  And now he buys me yarn.  No wonder I love him.

azkaban_1So until this afternoon, I am working on my Griffindor scarf for the Azkaban knit-along that Iko is hosting.  My NatureSpun arrived from Patternworks yesterday. I’m thinking I’ll give it to my workout partner’s youngest son who is a Harry Potter fanatic.  My own kids are either too young (as in 2 years old) or too cool to actually wear a Harry Potter scarf, so I don’t think anyone will want to poach it.  That and the fact that the Griffindor burgundy and gold are the same colours as those of their lacrosse rival.  It should be safe, but I may have to knit it in secret anyway.