Posted on June 26, 2011 at 11:12 am

I survived my thirtieth High School Reunion last weekend, mostly by surfing on the delighted surprise that people expressed at seeing me there (I have never been to one of these things before) and the deluge of compliments that I quickly understood to be the lingua franca of such gatherings. I danced, I hugged, I wondered at the ease of picking up where I left off with two co-conspirators, and I talked aimiably with vexing boys who have grown into lovely men with equally lovely wives.


Over and over again, people asked that question: "What are you doing?"

And I would answer: I'm knitting.

Seriously. If ever there was a setting where that particular verb seems small, it is among verbs like "selling my mining radar company so I can retire", "working as an investigative reporter for the Toronto Star", "designing software for defense contractors", "owning and operating a chain of restaurants in Ontario," "managing a city budget and acting on the side", and so on. But one old friend of mine (not a knitter) told me about how he knew about knitbloggers because we were pioneers in niche blogging, and he started his own blog about the unsolved murder of his sister, which has brought him a community, and a kind of peace around that part of his life. Sad, but very cool. Never doubt the importance of beating those butterfly wings, baby.

I think I managed this last weekend to convince them all that ultimately I ended up well-adjusted and kind of fun to be around. I can report that all of us seem gratified doing what it is that we do, verbs both big and small (although I assure you that I have "done" many verbs, including the raising of three wonderful children. No one could ever rightfully call that a small thing) It's a self-selecting group since I am certain those of the 50 of us who graduated together in 1981 who are NOT happy with our lives decide to avoid such gatherings. I would have loved to have seen them anyway.



As for the knitting that I am doing, I do have this to show for my progress since I showed you the cast-on. It's Vitamin D in Mad Color's Swoon in the color Black Cherry. Progress is slow since I am mostly working on a few other secret projects.

I really love the little eyelets that serve as the increases. Aren't they sweet?