Posted on April 18, 2013 at 9:18 am

So you knit. And you read my blog (thank you again for that, I know it’s been awhile since I last said that), so you’re probably interested in knitting sweaters, whether or not you actually knit sweaters yourself. If you knit sweaters, you probably have a collection that you aren’t as happy with than when you set out on that 1200+ yard oddyssey, right?


As a sweater knitter, maybe you make good sweaters that look just like the pattern photo. Your gauge and yarn are a perfect match, the seams are tight and professional looking, your buttonholes sing, your color choice — da bomb. But then comes that moment when you put the thing on, look in the mirror, and are disappointed with what you see. You might think it’s you: your swimmer’s shoulders, your short legs. What a shame. You’re wearing a sweater that doesn’t make you feel awesome for having made something with your own hands, you’ve only succeeded in reminding yourself about what you hate in the mirror.

Enter Amy Herzog, your best defense against having this ever happen again.


For sure, you know Amy. But in the unlikely case that you you don’t know Amy, allow me to introduce the two of you. Amy Herzog has been teaching and designing with the laser focused purpose of empowering knitters to make flattering sweaters. She has been workshopping her ideas all over the country for the last two years, refining her data and helping knitters of all shapes and sizes get real about what will work for their unique selves, and now she’s distilled it all into a great package anyone who knows the way to their local bookshop can get their hands on.


With the double release this month of both her Craftsy class and her book Knit to Flatter, anyone who’s ever wanted to take a class with Amy now has accesss to her clothing smarts. The online class and the book function as compliments to each other, and are certain to make their way into every sweater knitter’s basic toolbox. The bonus is that the book also includes 18 patterns designed to cover the bases, and to help you knit that first (or next) perfect-for-you sweater.

Her voice will remind you of your BFF, guiding you in your choices, reminding you of what “works”. Like any “guide” book, there are sure to be moments when you might doubt such universal advice can apply to you all the time, but Amy herself is quick to point out that your personal preference trumps what she suggests. But you will likely find that she’s right most of the time. There is no better advice than to knit what makes you happy, but when you take Amy’s advice, what makes you happy will be a sweater that makes you feel as beautiful as you already are.


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