Posted on April 8, 2005 at 11:15 am

Opal_socksI finished the Opal socks and they fit very well.  I was trying for a more snug sock this time around, and the heel looks like it pulls a little, but they feel great even now after walking around the house in them without shoes for six hours.  You know how hand knit socks can, well, uh, sag a little under such treatment?  NO? Am I the only one? never mind.

I cast on for the Spearfish socks immediately, and I’ve posted a picture of the beautiful lace cuff over at the knit-along page. If you haven’t seen these socks yet, they are lovely, and Kristi is a brick for making them available to the rest of us, not just her Sockapalooza pal.

Turkey_lurkeyElsewhere, five turkeys bumbled through the yard last night at dusk.  This happens about once a year, usually in the spring.  They are regal in nothing but their size, yet always impressive even if the number of their company is one.  Looking as I have been for any excuse to avoid the pending Knitter’s Cliff Dive,  I decided to take their visit as a sign that I should put off the Great Grafting Gaff, and instead picked up the stitches for the other side of the Ballet Neck Cardigan.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the GGG when I get to it, but for now, it just looks like a huge mess of olive green knitted sausages.

And yes, Kay, I still have the afghans sitting here needing the borders I promised you at the Afghan Joining Party that was what, a month ago now?  And can you believe it?  I actually put two edges on the blue one last night during Survivor.  It’s grim, picking up all those stitches, but I sympathize with you living with so many squares for so long.   That’s four down (two sides on each), four to go.  I promise to knit another edge today, but I won’t say anything about tomorrow.  I just wanted you to know.  I’m beginning to feel guilty, and that always means progress.