Posted on January 31, 2011 at 6:09 pm

for helping me keep track of where I've been in the last few weeks.

Checking my flickr stream, I see since I posted this picture here


I've added a few things, including this picture:


which is the third bobbin of the Saturn BFL I bought from Amy last summer for my second ever handspun sweater.  I've been trying to do a little spinning everyday this winter, so happy am I with the handspun things I actually knit. I am resolved to make more yarn to knit with. Oh yeah? so what else would all of the spinning wheels and fiber lying about the place be for? I know. Kinda seems obvious to you, doesn't it? Let's move on to the yarn shall we so I don't have to answer any more of these uncomfortable questions.



amazing, isn't it? Spinning equals yarn. Nice yarn too. Makes me kinda want to spin more of it.

There were also these pictures:


(Fletcher Mitts by Amy Swenson in Noro Kureyon # 254)


(Seasick from Hello Yarn, spinning for an Eternity Scarf)

and this, an impulse-buy based on a great sample sweater hanging in Yarn and Fiber Comapny up in Derry.  Nothing makes me want to have the sweater than to try it on in my size first and then love it. Incentive? hell-yeah.


It's a easy to miss sweater called Pinot that looks a little frumpy in the pamphlet, but is so nice on the body. Yes, this means I've abandoned a few things along the way, including the sweater in that first photo, but it's not so far from the knitting chair that I wouldn't pick it up and get on with the armseye action. It could happen.

Thank goodness for Flickr.