Posted on June 20, 2011 at 10:09 am

There's no particular reason the title of this post is in French, except that I am just back from my 30th high school reunion in New Brunswick where every sign and package is printed both in English and in French, so that part of my brain is awake and buzzing this Monday morning.

Spinning this week started off outside before the sun dipped below the tree line. The Spencer Peirce Little Farm — which you may know if you've come up for Fiber Revival — is a gorgeous spot, and the pastoral idyll of it all is a dream setting for spinning with your friends. I broke out my new-to-me Bosworth Journey Wheel, a birthday present from my husband (my b'day was in May). You can see it in this photo if you look closely.



I began a new bunch of Polworth from Hello Yarn's Fiber Club, and enjoyed the setting and the company. The bobbin's not much to look at so far, but I think the yarn shows great promise.


We spent much of the time discussing the upcoming Fiber Revival in August. Classes are coming together (the website will have details when they are ready), and we have very exciting vendors lined up. Enchanted Knoll will be with us for the first time (squeeee) and Spunky Eclectic is returning after a year away. I can't wait.

Don't forget to bring a chair!