Posted on October 31, 2004 at 8:12 am

Yesterday, my friend Kathy and I spent five hours at the Fiber Sudio in Henniker, New Hampshire. We took a spinning class with Priscilla Parmenter and learned about blending fibers to custom make our yarn. We were given hanks of flax, mohair, cotton, ingeo, and silk and the run of the many bags of beautiful dyed romney to play with on our handcarders and fill up our sample collections. Priscilla’s long draw was a marvel to behold, but I was reassured when she told me that my personal technique was just fine, and I don’t need remedial work on my draught. I particularly liked the possum blend that Lois brought to share, and had a sneeze attack while carding milkweed into a silk and wool blend. I liked the results of the mohair/angora blend, and the wool/silk/flax blend. Flax has a textural effect that I like more than Ithought I would, especially since I am holding a grude against the fiber after my oddessy with linen drape this last summer. But I feel empowered by the experience to spin outside the box, and I hope today I get a chance to finish some of the samples I brought home to play with some more.

Here are a couple of my favorite cards from the other spinners in the class.

And check out Cindy who’s only been spinning for a month!