Posted on February 17, 2014 at 2:53 pm

On the needles at the moment is a sweater I started last summer, but feels perfect for winter-weary knitting: it’s not just that it’s stripes, but it’s more because of this spongy & wonderful yarn from Sincere Sheep, Equity Sport. It has a spring-like optimism knit into the stitches, light and pretty colors that promise warmer days and easy single layer dressing. It’s wool, but it has a unique texture that suggests cotton French Terry to me: casual and cozy without being heavy. Want a peek?


These are the colors Aegean and Cumulus, if you want to know. If you think there must be something else involved, you’re right. The muted stripes are just a drum roll for what happens later. Stay tuned.

Another yarn I’m in love with this week is completely artificial (slight eye roll of shame). What am I thinking? From organic and naturally dyed American wool to nylon/acrylic? A classic path from the sublime to the ridiculous. But still, lovely fabric I am making from this:


Sirdar’s Snuggly DK, in Lime Juice. It’s been in the stash since my youngest was a baby, and finally it’s having its day. I’m finally knitting a Welcome to the Flock that I can keep for myself so that I have one to show the ladies at the The Essex County Needlecraft Guild when I visit on my birthday in May. It knits up well, and is completely convincing as a fabric for babies. The sleeves are done, I’m about to start in on the body. Sheep lie ahead. And in a knitter’s world, there’s nothing that says spring more than new sheep.

Springy, in all senses of the word.