Posted on June 1, 2004 at 2:53 pm



So here he is. Here’s what I learned: The Sun Yellow yellow didn’t felt as well as the darker Lemon Drop (white and very pale colours can be like that), and I stopped felting after one cycle because I am chicken. I like how the spots felted up, as opposed to embroidering them after the washing. I have a front-loading washing machine, and it’s an Kierkegaardian adventure felting in it. You know: fear and trembling, followed by a leap of faith, hopefully avoiding sickness unto death. Two days to dry, a third of a bag of polyfill, a little embroidery. He’s a bit lumpy since my stuffing skills are not great, and believe me, stuffing is a skill. He looks to the left a little, and his ears point funny, but I like how he turned out. I’ll give this to the glorious two year old to snuggle with. I wish he’d stop calling it a llama.

Look what reader Judy sent me! A picture of her darling Grandson wearing a Dino Hood she made for him from my pattern! Isn’t he a stitch? I’m as proud as can be. I think I’ll have some chocolate to celebrate.the_shy_scary_dinoboy