Posted on July 4, 2017 at 11:03 pm

So where was I?

My sweater designing had dropped off lately as I keep getting pulled away from things with sleeves by things with wings. There have been a series of shawls on my needles for awhile, but I do have a few proper garments coming along the publishing pipeline. The most recent one was a striped coat I designed for Berroco’s Portfolio 4. This sketch has been on their desk for a little while, so I was delighted when Amy Christoffers called me up and asked if I would make it happen in their new Ultra Wool.


What was foundational about this design was fitting all the stripes in for the color changes, that they fall in a full repeat between the hem and the shoulder across all sizes. As a result, it’s a pretty consistent length from size to size, but if you’re tall like me, you can put in a few more rows in the first color before you get into the stripe pattern.


It’s an easy sweater to get to fit you, with generous positive ease and no waist shaping. The sleeves are picked up from the armhole and knit down, written flat in the pattern, but there’s no reason you couldn’t work them in the round once you get past matching up with the modified drop bind-off in the underarm. And if you’re feeling pockets, I suggest you put in slash pockets in the stripes where it suits you. The sample doesn’t have them, but I imagine mine will when I get around to making one for myself. The stripes are a mix up of four colors, but you could easily turn this into a gradient of a single hue, or a mix of natural sheep colors.


It’s shawl collared and drafty house friendly, hard to imagine the world needs such a thing during the swelter of July, but come September when thoughts turn wooly, I hope you’ll consider this for your pre-Christmas knitting queue.

Portfolio 4 is a solid collection, full of lots of really good patterns all knit up in the terrific palette of Ultra Wool. My favorites include Jesie Ostermiller’s Glacial Pullover (on the left) and Courtney Spainhower’s Owinja Pullover (on the right). I guess I’m really a sweater girl at heart.