Posted on September 6, 2004 at 7:49 am


This is what I have to report as of this morning: one sleeve down, another one far enough along that I am beginning to wish for more of a chill in the air.

Don’t you thing that Tuja, just lying there, makes the ground look fat?

Don’t worry, it’ll block out.


Meanwhile, I learned this valuable lesson Friday night when some beloved friends who bear no malice toward my knitting came over for dinner. What you’re looking at is a mangled Addi. It looks like it’s been through a hurricane. (poor Florida. *sigh*) I came downstairs after about twenty minutes of putting the boy to bed to find beloved friend number one idly playing with the needle, twisting it gleefully to and fro.
“This is a really cool thing, what is it?” he said.

File this under why you should never leave your knitting laying around while people are drinking.

Update: Thanks to Emma‘s astute suggestion that I immerse the mangled needle in hot water and straighten it out, I have it back at work knitting half of the second Tuja sleeve. Thanks Emma!