Posted on July 11, 2016 at 3:57 pm

I don’t update about my knitting because so much of what’s on my needles is stuff I am contractually obligated to keep secret. My blog silence means that I am working hard at designing. Even now I have a few editorial commitments on the needles, but I can finally enjoy watching projects I worked on last Fall and over the Winter come out into the world. For one thing, I have a lace hat pattern for hand spun in the latest brilliant issue of PLY Magazine. I called it Shappo (yes, it’s supposed to be a joke, thanks for asking).


It’s written in such a way that you follow the chart for as long as it takes to hit your personal measurements. I like to write patterns like this for hand spun because of the way many hand spinners can’t quite spin to a predictable gauge, so it’s a help to them, and a luxury for the precision spinners. It also happens to be a hat that will work well for 100 yds of a commercial bulky like Quarry or Puffin. In fact, I just bought a lovely skein of Quince & Co Puffin in Bird’s Egg for my own version. It knits up super quick, so I need to remember that for my next break in the deadlines (coming up on August 2nd, in fact).

Also, this pattern came out earlier in the summer in the special “Handmade” issue of Knitscene:


They called it Grasslands Tee, for some reason. I have no idea. And they did model it too tight for my taste, which makes my clever and perfectly serviceable top down cap sleeves looks a bit frantic, which they are not. I knit the requested size, and sent request for moderate positive ease, but they went with this.


Maybe you don’t see it, but I know how I wanted it to fit, and that’s not it. And explain to me thing thing about the ball of yarn? But anyhow. I don’t think I had the worst of it.

I have a few more things to share, which I’ll save for another post. It’s been a long time since I caught up with the blog, and I don’t want to over-water a dry plant, to use a random metaphor – if you know what I mean.