Posted on January 2, 2005 at 10:22 am

I am in a big hug from everyone who sent their support.  It’s a little thing, ruining a piece of knitting, but it was a lot of work and –as we used to say at Camp Glenburn– it just sucks dead polar bears.  I’m still not quite ready to face the bag, but it’s down stairs in a little bit of water, waiting for me.  Maybe tomorrow.

Your kind words made me think of Frankie, who was part of the crew that descended upon Pine Tree Yarns with us on Wednesday.  Over dinner at Ribollita in Portland, she was expressing discouragement about her entire year of knitting. She especially hated the way the shoulder cast-off stepped in a sweater she had just finished and how no amount of seam tweaking could fix it.  She was going to quit for a while, take a break, all because of this shoulder thing.  I found myself taking this as a personal mission.  She was going to quit?  Knitting?  How is this possible?  I barely know this woman and I felt like I had to rescue her, like I had to leap over the table and re-knit her shoulders for her so she could carry on.  Fortunately for us all, she didn’t have the knitting in question with her, so I managed to restrain myself to a civilized explanation of a short-row shoulder with two knives and some spaghetti. 

I think of that moment now because I think I’m feeling just like Frankie probably did, and I know how I reacted to her discouragement, and I bet that’s how you felt when I told you about my bag over-felting. St_kilda You might have wanted to rescue me (I know Norma does–she’s willing to adopt the poor little blob).  So buoyed by virtual spaghetti and a couple of knives, today I picked up the needles again, and cast on for this whopper: St Kilda, from In the Hebrides by Alice Starmore.  The yarn is the Chasing Rainbows I bought from Circles Knitting Salon in February in a colour that looks to me like great Spanish Brandy (Claudia, you there?)

And just so that you are assured that I am not about to commit harikari on my needles (again), socks are proceeding apace, and several ideas are disturbing my sleep.  In fact, Fireballhead Kim was here this very afternoon for a chat and to test knit a thing I’m working on.  She isn’t blogging anymore, but is happy with her new job, her new house, and her much abbreviated commute, which leaves her more time for . . . knitting!  She’s one sleeve away from wearing the Tartan Jacket from the Fall IK  in some great colours of Lamb’s Pride Bulky, including Prairie Fire (#181) which is the one of the best reds I’ve ever seen.

As a footnote, I went to a New Year’s Day Knitting party at The Morrill Place Inn,
(the site of the up-coming Afghan Party the first weekend in March) where I met knitters from all over the north of Boston, and we all did
some communal stitching and a little show and tell.  I was very pleased
to get a lot of compliments on the Vegan Fox I was wearing (luscious yarn combination chosen by the designer, Marie Christine), and surprised to meet so many knitters who had no idea that knitty even existed; Amy owes me some P.R. gratitude.