Posted on April 8, 2011 at 6:11 pm

About a month ago, I took the Dinosaur Hoodie off my site because it was time to fix it. Some lovely people have written to ask where it has gone.


I had originally posted it as a favor to a few friends who had asked for it, and then forgot about it. It did have a few math errors, which is understandable since this was before I ever heard of such a thing as a technical editor. Since it was free and had a note declaring that I am clearly not a designer, it might not be perfect, I thought people would understand the risk if they wanted to try it anyway.

Knitters being knitters, and the internet being the internet, all of my good intentions were for naught, and there were a lot of complaints about the pattern and my lazy ass all over the public forums.  I have had emails over the years demanding that I fix the thing (the difference between 99 and 100 stitches seems to have really messed up some people's lives) and I had always responded with apologies and the assurance that really, it was just a kid's dress up hat, one extra stitch wasn't going be minded by anyone. I tried to patch in a few corrections, but the problem never went away.

So I took it down to run through it again with a wiser eye, and probaby knit it myself after all this time. I will have it back up in a week or two, after I finish my taxes and fulfill some article deadlines I have looming. Those come first, but a very close second is the Dinosaur Hoodie. Promise.