Posted on March 8, 2011 at 10:52 am

I flew down to see my Mom this past weekend, so I took my knitting with me.

The woman who sat down next to me errupted in a teapot rage with herself when she saw me knitting, for having forgotten her own project. There she was going to be on the beach for a week without anything to do with her hands. When she settled down about it all, she asked me what I was making.

A hat.

Who was it for?

Um. I hesitated. Then I asked her if she was from Boston? Did she watch channel 5? Did she know Jorge Quiroga?

 Yes, of course, and hell yeah. 

I was knitting the hat for Jorge.

She thought was that pretty keen. In fact, she thought it was so cute an idea, that she told the stewardess about it, and they were overheard by someone three seats back who reads the blog and wanted to see it. Soon the hat was being waved about even before the oxygen mask ritual had begun, and there was a little fan club born for the knitting between rows 4 and 12.


I spent the rest of the flight knitting away and chatting with the hat's fan club president about kntiting in general, and acquainted her with the holy trinity of my personal knit life on-line (Ravelry knitty and Twist). At the end of the flight, everyone got a look at my progress, and wished me well in getting Mr Quiroga to wear the hat on air. That remains to be seen, but there will be shouts of recognition beyond the you and me if it does happen, I want you to know.

The hat went off in today's mail with a little note and a promise to make him one that fits if this one fails to serve. Wish me and the fan club of flight 1831 luck.