Posted on August 17, 2011 at 12:32 pm

I am not the biggest fan of stockinette, and I tend to fall in love with sweaters that have technical challenges, but I am also aware that the sweaters I actually wear are ones with not so much of the busy going on. Vitamin D is a sweater I took on not for cables or lace or colorwork, but because I recognized in its simple shape a sweater that I saw a lot of in the stores and always seemed to want to buy. I never did put down the credit card on any of them because I am possessed by the knitter's curse.

Maybe you have it too. It's when you look at a sweater in a store and say, I shouldn't buy that. I can make that instead. Here's two that ruffled my feathers lately:


What might follow is a devil's bargain of how much that store bought sweater costs versus the yarn it would take to make it. Mental stash notes consulted, maybe you already HAVE the yarn and there's the money saved right there. Or maybe the sweater is really pricey, or doesn't come in your size — both true of the Vince sweater on the right. Maybe the back isn't as nice as the front — that freepeople number on the left has a scary blotch of color across the back shoulders.

You might walk away, vowing (for the moment) to go home and find a pattern and make that puppy. Or you might be one store bought sweater poorer. As a knitter, either path leaves you a bit disturbed, be it with guilt of the knitting cop-out (buying the thing), or with the urgent excitement of a new project on the needles. The only cure for the curse is to actually make the sweater you saw and wear it.

Curse conquered: Voila!


Cavalcade of Ravelry links: The enormously popular Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier, in Black Cherry Swoon by Mad Color. Here's my own project link.