Posted on November 3, 2010 at 11:20 am

Do you have a sweater with one last end you forgot to weave in, and never quite got around to after that?  My oldest offender is a Rowan circa 1987 in Magpie Aran.  One three inch long end just hangs there inside the armseye.  Felted now, from years of friction, but has never actually been woven in.  I mean to do it. In fact, I never put the sweater on (which is often) that I don't make a mental note to make that little nuisance disappear the next time I pass within the gravitational pull of a crochet hook or a darning needle.  But as you know, the mass of such objects exerts small forces on big things like me in Magpie Aran sweaters, so 23 years have passed without any change in the status of that end.

Against my tendancy to let such things languish in a to-do pile, I finally wrangled the the Stripy Striped Sweater (with extra stripes) into wearable condition, all ends accounted for, and photographed for proof.


The mystery size of a cast-on neck remains my quibble with top-down sweaters: the neck you get is the neck you get, but for this one I fought back. I picked up a row of stitches a few rows down from the cast on edge, and cut. I then reknit the rows I cut away making a few ad hoc decreases to bring the neck in a little, and now I have a happy sweater. The lesson it taught me was to use provisional cast-ons whenever possible for such things in the future.

Obligatory mimic shot.


The wrapping up continues: I finally finished the Bird in Hand mittens I started two Februarys ago.


The bargain I make with myself these days is finish two things, start one.


Hawthorne, by Susanna IC from Twist Collective fall 2010, in Woolen Rabbit Mara. It's a fast knit, and such fun.