Posted on September 14, 2012 at 8:49 pm

There are some lovely versions of Hiro beginning to pop up on Ravelry. It's really fun to knit vicariously through all the people who have posted their color choices. I want so many versions of this sweater myself, but there are other projects calling my name right now, and I already have two. I know another one is in my future, I just need to find the yarn that comes in the colors I want, if I can only settle on one color scheme.

For example, another favorite website of mine that breaks down the colors in nice pictures is Design Seeds. Perhaps you've heard of it. If you haven't, I'll send you over there at the end of this post but not before, because if you go now, I know that I'll lose you and never see you again.

The Design Seeds blog includes a few combinations that really scream at me right now. I'm going to pick just one for this post, to show you how you can play with this.

So here's this photo, and the colors that make me so happy (no shock here, just look at my blog banner):


So I matched the colors and plugged four of them into my little preview file (which I made using Excel following the tutorial by the lovely Marnie MacLean here) and got this:


I kind of like these swatches, but they lack something that the photo has, so I changed the municipal pool blue out for the lighter robin's egg blue. And I got this:




Better. But still. I wasn't pleased with the interplay, so I made a new version that I thought would work, using the results so far as a predictor and voilá:




Still, not quite right. I like the order, but I'm not crazy about the mouse brown next to my face when I would so prefer the blue. Two clicks of Command-R later and



Yep. That's it. ::Sigh::

As promised, this is the link to the Design Seeds blog, and to the specific post that I used here. Go ahead and pay her a visit. It was nice knowing you.

Before you go: I do have one more suggestion for color selection. There is a small flower-like motif in the chart that would get lost if the colors are too close. In Hiro, it's between the second and third color, in Hiro Petite, it's between the first and second color. Your best bet is to make sure these two colors have a high contrast. They don't have to be the highest of all your colors, but you want to make sure your colors honor that little detail in the chart. If you own th pattern, you can look at it to see what I mean. Now go play.