Posted on October 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm

So I had some goals. See previous post for specifics. I’m scoring my results.

3. Pass: Full disclosure: I bought a lot of yarn.


The yarns are starting at the left: one skein representing four super soft hanks of Cormo-Yak from Bijou Basin Ranch in “Blueberry” voted most likely to be a double loop cowl. Next is a few skeins of Holda from Spirit Trail, to round out a not-quite sweater’s worth I bought from them last year, and a bright happy lot of Birte also from Spirit Trail in “Seagrass”, a color I have been coveting for a year since I first saw it. In the middle are a couple of skeins of Harrisville’s Watershed which I have been dying to play with. The color range is utterly gorgeous, so I have plans. Always with the plans, I know. Next I have some Green Mountain Spinnery Alpaca Elegance in that roasted red color I love but have never knit with before, thinking it’s going to be a slouchy cabled hat. The last skein on the right there is from the sweater’s worth of Balance from O-Wool I bought. O-Wool were (ding ding) a new vendor this year, and also (ding ding) new to me as a knitter. And there’s also this:


a paint box gradient from (ding ding) new to me Fiber Optic in a colorway called Swamp Muck (yay!). The photo can’t capture how this yarn utterly glows from within (there’s a little bit of silk to blame for that). No clue what I’ll do with it except to leave in on the shelf in my studio to make me happy for now.

4. Incomplete: As you can see from the haul, I kinda almost succeeded in finding some colors outside my color zone. The red is only a single skein I bought for swatching and since I live in New England, red is part of the forest carpet this time of year. There is that blue, which is so very pretty in person, and not green, gold, or brown. I can almost count it, but it’s not exactly fuschia, is it?

5. Pass: I spent most of Sunday knitting on the grass near the Flammenkuchen truck, waiting for a flatbread from Alsace. 20 minutes in line before ordering, 40 minutes for the delivery. Worth every minute in friend time with Brooke, followed by 5 minutes of delicious. There’s a recipe for something like what we ate here.

I got a lot of hugs from otherwise geographically distant friends, some long over due. And I met some people I’ve only read about on the internet. I was particularly thrilled to finally meet Sonja Philip who is enormously interesting. She put together a great Flickr set about her own Rhinebeck experience that I highly recommend for eye candy and vicarious inspiration.

I was a terrible documentarian myself, so while I saw about a half dozen Hiros, I have no personal record of it. I am glad there’s Ravelry to back me up on this one. I saw Donna’s artful combination in the lengthy Miss Babs’ line, and Katy’s really pretty version walking by. Melissa’s made my eyes happy, it’s so close to my kinda colors, and I glimpsed Marina’s beautiful tonal purple one from a distance a couple of times, but she was so intent on her shopping, I didn’t have the heart to interrupt her. I got to meet Froggy Monkey Aimee, who has made one but wasn’t wearing it. She says she’s going  make another one as a cardigan, so maybe next year. There are those plan things again.

Saturday was particularly people dense, which is great for the vendors, but hard on all my personal muscles involved in the small range of motion that is shuffling through crowded barn after crowded barn. So I’m exhausted. And I want to be knitting about eleven sweaters right now.  I hit the ground running when I got to the studio yesterday, so maybe I’ll have something to show for it soon.

Thanks for checking in!