Posted on December 6, 2004 at 8:14 am

SocksI finished my socks.  I reluctantly put them on for the chilly photo out on the patio this morning, but I haven’t taken them off.  Why save them for a special occasion when they feel so nice now?
Besides, we all know you can wear handknit socks several times before they really need to be washed, right?  I am loathe, I guess, to give up the distinct and pretty little colour blurbs to the bloom of the first wash, and I will put off that first wash for as long as I can. (ew, you think.  Too much information.  Don’t take your shoes off in my house, thanks)

So last night, I finally purchased another size 9 needle to continue the knitting of the Manos sweater, in spite of how un-encouraged I am now to finish it because I didn’t "blend" the rows as advised.  I have several projects on the needles, but they all have honest to goodness obstacles to overcome (the yarn for the floral felted bag is back-ordered but coming, so don’t think I have forgotten, Margene, I will finish it).  Getting my hands on this needle did involve a masterful bending of the space-time continuum and powers of toddler persuasion unseen since Terry Brazelton retired, not to mention an invocation of steely resolve  to not buy any yarn, even though Hannah, Manos_sleevethe local new yarn store owner ( but who is not my friend who was hoping to open a yarn store–more on that later this week) waved new inventory under my nose, and looked crestfallen when I told her that I was on a yarn diet.  I promised her that I would do my part to keep her in business, but not until the end of February.  Geez, I had no idea how badly she would take that.  Annie may be the "center of the fiber universe", but someone thinks that I am the fiber kin of Alan Greenspan. 

So please, do me a favour, if you’re anywhere near Newburyport (very festive, highly decorated, lovely place for seasonal shopping), drop into Three Bags Full on Pleasant Street, and buy some delicious Frog Tree Alpaca in many many colours (it benefits Bolivian women) or Brown Sheep Company anything (you always need an new colour for your collection, right?), and tell her Julia sent you.