Posted on August 15, 2004 at 7:39 pm

gifts_for_shooting_my_mouth_offA friend of mine is opening a yarn store.

This has been the subject of some part of the evening’s discussion just about every Tuesday knitting session at the library since last spring, when it became clear to us that indeed, RoseAnne was going to muster her life’s fiber skills and open that yarn shop that the greater Newburyport area has been lacking since the fabled I’m in Stitches left in a puff of smoke six years ago. I have been hanging on every tidbit of development she has had, from her encounter with the wall of “coming soon” yarns at the TNNA conference, to her hunt (with contractor in tow) for the perfect real estate. I feel a little bit like an expectant auntie, hoping for certain features, looking forward to quality time, vicariously curious about the aches and pains, fit to burst with joy about the whole thing, you know.

So as a little favour to RoseAnne and her daughter Kirstin, who read my blog, I thought that anyone who stumbled across this post might like to leave a wish list for their perfect LYS, the dream shop we all want to have down the street (for those of you who live in Lansing or Alexandria can just effuse about your local Valhallas, if you like).
I’ve already given them my input, and Kirstin made me the sweet little presents you see displayed on my sedum jar here as a thank you. I thought they were doing me a favour just asking what I thought.

In concert with their generosity and interest in what the knitters out there think, and to encourage input here, I pledge two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn from my stash to a randomly drawn writer of a comment left to this post only, to be determined in two weeks time (colour #34 Tahoe, dye lot 6048, photo dumbs the colours down a bit: it’s teal, cornflower, plum, and purple). In the meantime, know that you will be helping out someone else’s dream by sharing yours.

So complete this sentence: The perfect yarn store would have. . .