Posted on January 27, 2005 at 9:51 am

Skip to the end for knitting related content, I have some cooking to do first.

I have in my kitchen a whole cupboard dedicated to storing the bottles and tins of spices we use for cooking.  I’ve seen those tidy little organizers that you can use to lay out your bottles so that when you open the drawer, there they are all laid out in alphabetical order and you can find just the cumin you’re looking for.  But I need a whole cupboard, mostly because I have never been able to bring myself to throw any of it, however irrelevant, away.  It also is so unorganized, that I lose things in there, and when I can’t find the cardamom, I buy a new one.   I own three jars of cardamom.  I use it once a year, yet I own three.  One of them is so old that the yellowing price tag tells this tale: .69c.  The last time anything in a Durkee tin cost 69 cents, telephones were still attached to the wall.  So last night while my husband was cooking dinner (really, truly, he does this a lot, he does laundry too, and you can’t have him), my Virgo perfectionist husband discovered that there was no more chicken broth in the freezer (he makes his own: I kid you not) so I suggested he try a boullion cube.  He opened the door to the spice cupboard and rooted around looking for a boullion cube.  In an organizing process that ultimately took up most of the night in the editing and (gasp) alphabetizing of the bottle collection, he disinterred and rejected these fine examples of what I have in my paltry Taurean cooking life resorted to for boullion;

Number one ingredient: salt.  Number two ingredient: MSG.



Smells like composting barnyard.




Ingredients not too menacing, smells not too offensive, but what does this baby look like?


Opiated chicken broth anyone?

Oh, I am so easily amused. 

That’s it.  That’s the joke.  Opiated chicken broth. Get it?  Okay.  Thanks for coming folks.   I’ll be here all week.

Now to knitting.  The answer is. . .
yes, I cast on.  I did a half-hearted gauge swatch because I know my own knitting, and I knew what the swatch would tell me.  So last night I developed a new respect for knitting on size 3s by casting on 305 stitches and knitting ten rows on size 0’s for the lower edge.  You don’t need to see it.  It’s just as you suspect, fine, teeny stitches crammed onto a 24 inch circ while I locate one of my many 32 inch ones wherever they might be hiding. (Nope, not in the spice cupboard.)

Meanwhile, check out the gorgeous Poetry in Stitches Leaf Cardigan at Erica’s new blog.  I’m going to be unofficially KAL with her (and Margene) whether they like it or not..