Posted on April 21, 2004 at 1:23 pm

will have to knit another day.

Warning: Knitting misery ahead

I looked at Jaipur last night, having made it halfway up from the armhole towards the shoulder decreases, expecting a small satisfaction in the expansive vista of orderly stockinette, row upon row upon endless row of tiny little stitches, when lightening struck.

The gauge was wrong.

I measured.
I measured again.  It seemed right, 22.75 stitches to the inch.  But over the width of the sweater back I had accrued 3 extra inches!  I wanted drape, certainly, but not a tent.  I had my husband reproduce my results for me.  Engineer that he is, he loves anything involving equations and variables.  The math just didn’t work out  with the pattern.  It was simply a case of my having depended on too small a sample for my guage.  Usually 4inches is enough, but when the stitches are so small, a larger sample is a more accurate measure. 

I had knit a sample that was 4 feet square. 

There was no denying it, I had to start over. 
But I am brave, and cheered that I was not alone with the bad knitting bug since both Alison and Kerstin seem to be having setbacks this week, so . . .


Going. . .


Going . . .


gone. sigh.

I did happen across a full inventory of Linen Drape at Charlotte’s Web, so I called Pat this morning after the frogging incident and had her put aside the yarn that Jaipur was supposed to be made in.  Silky Wool goes into the stash, for another day.

I think I will join Kim‘s Simply Marilyn Along in the meantime, for some knitting gratification.