Posted on December 24, 2010 at 9:49 pm

In spite of ignoring much of what the pattern told me to do about the shoulders and the hood, I finished it so that it looks like I followed directions, as long as you didn't know what they were. 😉 I was intent on lengthening the hood since the pattern calls for a 9 inch hood, and my head is about 4 inches taller than that (I have a long neck I guess). I ended the hood on cable chart row 24 which left the join in a reasonable place you can see in the first photo of the sweater below.

The zipper arrived the moment I was ready to sew it in, and I decided to consult the tape stash for an appropriate finishing touch. I don't have a lot to choose from, but I love what I have. 


It took a little extra sewing to put the tape in, but it turned out to be a really nice detail.  I'm glad I bothered. 


And if you wanted to ask, yes, I continued the tape up and around the inside of the hood. It gives the hood edge a little bit of body.

Here's the sweater in use during some Solstice flurries.


Not so bad from the back, especially since I was worried the cable flair would, um shall we say, widen the horizon?


It's toasty warm and just a wee bit snug, but I have New Year's resolutions to make, starting with 10 pounds that will make this sweater my favorite, I think.