Posted on November 16, 2004 at 5:12 pm

FleeceThree Cushing colours (Ripe Tomato, Blueberry, and Sugar Plum), one yard sale crockpot, and as much soaking wet mystery fleece as I can shove into it, and this is what I got out of it: a  triumphant sense that I can, indeed, dye fleece in my own kitchen without someone holding my hand and without staining the hardwood floors, the cement counter, the antique enamel sink, and/or everything that I was wearing.  My fingers are a little pink today, but it’s a badge of honour!

Sorry, I know you were all counting on something tragically comic to come out of my wielding small bottles of indelible liquid unsupervised with nothing between me and disaster but a single sheet of the sports section (and the tuesday sports section at that), but you’ll have to wait until I try and card all of this up without muddying the colours to get your laughs.

Meanwhile, I am knitting more into Karlsboro, but mostly I am retracing steps, because I went to knitsmiths on Sunday, and sat for three hours with all of those fabulously smart and funny knitters and frankly, I made a mistake early on in the evening and kept knitting for the three following hours without picking up on it.  I consider it small price to pay for such excellent company.