Posted on May 8, 2005 at 9:11 am

PatioThanks you guys, for all the happy birthday wishes and the attention, especially on a Saturday.  I am proud of the step-kids.  We’ve been an interesting family now for about 11 years.  The Dragon and the Divine Miss C come and go on a schedule that would confuse a fractal engineer, but we do our best to act like it’s a normal thing, and since the relationship between the two poles of the family is amiable and mostly communicative, they have turned out to be well-adjusted, confident, peace-loving kids.  It’s one of my proudest accomplishments that I am a good step-mom. 

For the purpose of equal time on the blog, regardless of the lack of specific fiber content, Miss C presented me with a little hand-made book last night with a poem she wrote about what a good friend I am to her. *weep*  Yeah, neither of them are knitters, but I am gratified that they have creative impulses.  And they have yet to pass through the college knitting gauntlet, when so many of us were first bitten, so I have not given up hope.

And now back to our previously scheduled post. . .

I have been knitting a project that I call the Big Blue Favour.  I have never been fond of posts dedicated to secret knitting, because, dammit, you’re writing a blog about your knitting and I WANT TO SEE. I know you’re cool, that’s why I read your blog, but shit girl, stop reminding me!  (rant over) 

I apologize for even bringing this up.  Rest assured that this post is NOT about my dangling my secret knitting just out of your sight; I just wanted to throw it out there that for two weeks I have been happily dedicating most of my knitting time to someone else’s project, and the thing I have learned is that I am capable of a lot more knitting than I have ever thought possible.  Mostly this means that my own knitting becomes a reward for when I finish, say . . . sector two (I told you it was big), but it also means that the husband takes the dishes out of my hands when I’m unloading the dishwasher and says things like. . ."Let me do this.  Don’t you have knitting to do?"  Usually in my house, such sweet talk serves a foreplay, but lately, I get to knit all the time . . . No strings attached!  It’s impressive how devoted to my knitting I can convince the family to be when there’s a deadline from on high involved.  Now, if I can only figure out a way to merge back into the regular selfish knitting once this project is through (deadline: middle to late May), I could ride this wave for awhile.  I have momentum, baby. 

As for today, I did finish sector two last night, so I will be trying to finish my ballet neck cardigan before I take up sector three tomorrow. I feel like celebrating.

Let the gong sound!

Let the music play! 

Let the children sing!

For today, we graft!