Posted on April 30, 2005 at 1:55 pm

Train_boyI frantically got the Daylight Sweater finished in time yesterday for the Boy to wear it out and about on our errands.  He was proud to tell everyone that the sweater was his favorite train, and people being who they are when confronted with loquacious three year old enthusiasm, smiled indulgently at this rather abstract information, and went back to their lives.


For those of you who still miss the connection, here’s a picture of the Southern Pacific Daylight’s paint job. 

And no, I didn’t go to Circles‘ potluck.  I figured the place was going to be crowded enough without me trying to fit my amazonian self in among the knitters.  Circles is one of my all-time favorite yarn joints, and I understand it was a great event.  Of course I regret not going, but I’ll have to see what my schedule permits as Harlot passes back through New England like Haley’s Comet come May.