Posted on August 31, 2004 at 12:50 am

We had an official name drawing ceremony last night and the winner of the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn is . . . Sharon!

sorry to the people who didn’t win. I liked this contest thing. It airs out the stash. Maybe I’ll have another one soon. If you have been checking in here for awhile, you probably know what I’m thinking.
Meanwhile, I have some horrible news.
I finished the body on Tuja and tried it on, and this is what it looks like on me.
It’s like a specially formed bra for my post-baby belly. It’s a Cross-your-heart-and-your-protuberant-lower-intestine belly bra. It lifts and separates the parts that have sagged from the parts that have bagged.
I’m six months pregnant all over again.
As in second-pregnancy-six-months-pregnant.
I can’t imagine something I knit could be more unbecoming, unless of course it was something out of the summer Knitty.

I hate this more than anything about knitting: that I put time, money, and enthusiasm into something that makes me look like a Star-Bellied Sneech. Where’s that Land’s End virtual model for the knit world? Why did I think that this sweater would make me look svelte like Amber? (hint: because Amber is a svelte little pixie and I am a hippo)
I’m not about to drop off a bridge over this, but it has occured to me that Tuja would probably look better on me over a full bodied cast.

Anyone have a corset they can spare?