Posted on August 4, 2004 at 9:33 am

entrlacThis proves that I can knit entrelac. I have no particular affection for it, but there I was in the north woods having knit myself into a corner, and a whole week left. So what kind of project is time consuming and fiddly and possesses a high gee-whiz factor?
This little piece took me three days of knitting time. Three days.
I doubt that I’ll ever finish it. I may just let it live on the needles forever and it will be one of those curiosities my children dig up when they come to clear out the house after I’m gone. It will serve as an indicator that there was something slightly unbalanced about their Mom. They will hold it up as a kind of alien artifact, shake their heads in wonderment that I managed to keep such things secret from them, and then toss it in the “Discard” box with my Dungeons and Dragons campaign journal and my Elvis Prayer candle.

Meanwhile, more normal things are afoot:
Jaipur is approaching wearability, one little tiny seam stitch at a time. The anticipation is killing me.
Very soon.

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