Posted on July 27, 2004 at 11:57 am


They look pretty good, don’t they?

But look closer (click on the thumbnail on the right). Consider the glove on the right, there. Notice the ribbing reaches a little farther down my wrist than does the one on the left?
Notice how the pinky finger looks a little short? If you could look even closer, you’d see that there’s a lot of daylight that shows through in the huge webbed gap formed by the distance between where my ring finger rises from my palm, and my pinky sprouts from the side of my hand. It’s a difference of three quarters of an inch.

This was the first glove of the two that I knit–hereafter referred to as the left glove. I was pretty pleased with myself. I did a tubular cast-on, and followed the general guage-based pattern from last winter’s Interweave Knits. I thought that the thumb gusset went on for awhile, but it worked out well enough. I thought the fingers were a blast to make, and they went very quickly. Then I made the right glove. The thumb gusset fit much better. I thought: that can’t be right. It’s not supposed to fit this well. So I looked a little closer, and realized that I had messed up the row count for the increases in the left gusset. Several times.
I hate it when I do that.
Oh well. Live and learn. Since the gloves weren’t going to match, I figured I could experiment a little more with the right glove, and so I separated off the pinky stitches before I got to the official “finger line” and I prefer that, the staggered finger line to a uniform one for my hands.
So they don’t match perfectly, but I will be making another pair soon. I splurged for some attractively priced Mongolian Cashmere 8 ply in a variegated moss and teal colour at the TKGA Market last Friday. That will be a treat.

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