Posted on May 2, 2005 at 1:03 pm

GraftHere we are.  I can avoid it no longer.  It’s time to graft those stitches.

I knit a phantom row in the blue so that I can see the path the yarn should take in the next row of this rather basic lace pattern.  Why I think that two lace panels knit in the same direction should invisibly flow into each other is just nuts, because we all know that this isn’t possible.  But I choose this — for the moment — over the clumsy seam of a three-needle bind-off.  I am trying to link the center stitches together with the little coral markers so that I know where I stand as far as matching goes while I make my way across each of the diamonds.  I was already in trouble at the wrist because the stitch counts were really different (you can see it if you look in the photo: wonky wonky knit2togs in the middle of nowhere).  There’s an overall stitch ratio of 14 to 15 between each of those markers of the sleeve front and the sleeve back, which strikes me as just plain wrong.  I know that it’s because there’s yarn-overs in there, and that without the yarn-overs, the mis-matched numbers would be 14 to 13, and you know, while I ponder the mystery of how to graft yarn-overs and make them look convincing yet manage to make the centered stitches have some kind of relationship in spite of an even to odd match up,  I am thinking that knitting math should have been an honours subject in high-school right about now.  Trig, calc, and knitting math.

Write your school board.

DraftAnd just so that you know that my mental health will survive, that I am not desperately clinging to the Nessie of the knitting world — grafted lace — I have other healthier pursuits. I have cast on for the Tweedy Aran Cardigan that Juno is also knitting, and yesterday, I spun most of a long-neglected batt from Grafton Fibers that I plan on navajo plying, someday.

But again, about that school board letter: I mean it.