Posted on September 2, 2011 at 5:57 pm

You guys know there was a huge honking hurricane that blew through Vermont this week, right? And you know how important Vermont is in the knitting world too. So it should be no surprise that with all the destruction in their midst, a bunch of Vermont wool world types are donating proceeds to the cause.

Amy Christoffers of Savory Knitting, and the designer of such lovely patterns as Larch has offered 100% of her weekend pattern sales to the Vermont NOFA’s Farmer Emergency Fund.



Green Mountain Spinnery has posted this on their website:

The Spinnery will be donating the profits from our shop and on-line retail sales made from September 3 to September 11, 2011. Proceeds will go the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund.  Expenditures from the fund will be used 100% for the unmet long term needs of survivors from the Irene disaster.



Kaleidoscope Yarns is sending 25% of their online and in store sales between now and Wednesday to The Vermont Foodbank.



And in the spirit of things, if you were thinking of putting Mork in your library, I'll send 100% of all Mork sales between now and September 11 to The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund.


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If you're not in the mood to buy stuff, but just want to send the money directly to aid victims, you can go to the Vermont Branch of the American Red Cross

Thanks so much.