Posted on January 22, 2015 at 3:39 pm

If it’s January then it must be time for Vogue Knitting Live in New York.


The VKLive folks put together a real Bonnaroo style knitting festival, with the most impressive selection of teachers, art installations, teach-ins, runway presentations, and the best marketplace anywhere. Three times a year, no less. They really are the gold standard in the event category for me these days. I suppose you’ve heard by now that Stitches won’t be returning to Hartford this year, and have decamped to Texas instead, while Interweave is holding court only in Colorado. So the field has been ceded for the giant circus tent that Vogue Knitting likes to put up. Or in this case, a knit and crochet’d teepee


Because of the book, Classic Elite reserved for me a few spots in the schedule. There was even this little surprise: an ad for my collection in the weekend guide! (Talitha got one too).


Before anything really got going, I spent Wednesday in Soho with Kim and Ron of IndigoDragonfly, and Thursday meeting up with city-based friends, and especially enjoyed my afternoon with Kathleen Dames at the Metropolitan Museum looking at a gorgeous display of kimonos, and the Costume Institute’s Death Becomes Her show.


Victorian ladies in black, oh yeah.

I took a class with Susan B Anderson who really is a terrific teacher. I’m not much of a toy maker, so I was delighted to spend a few hours outside of my comfort zone and under her charming thrall. I also sat in on Brandon Mably‘s Color and Inspiration lecture, which was really interesting. On Saturday, Talitha and I were a featured part of the Classic Elite fashion show. The audience was brimming with the lovely and sporting sort of knitters:


Meanwhile backstage, things were a little untidy, but you’d never know it from the beautiful presentation by the models. Those ladies are pros, and made me look like I knew what I was doing while I was nervously describing the knitwear.


I signed books in the Knitty City booth on Sunday morning, and then mostly wove my way around the show floor bumping into old chums and admiring all the talented knitters in their hand knits. The New York knitters are a resplendent bunch, I have to say: both elegant and ambitious in what they accomplish. Many thanks to Nancy and Jocelyn at Dragonfly Fibers for making sure I had lunch that day.

 Runwaythe Cape Ann Stole on the runway, courtesy of the CEY Facebook page

I also made it down to the East Village to the Starcraft Farm pop-up shop with the hopes of glimpsing Gale Zucker and Kay Gardiner. Cara was there in her new sweater (evidence here), and yes, I fell down a little for the yarn. I think I may knit myself a copy of Albers, finally, with this lot.

Starcroftphoto borrowed from Kay Gardiner’s Instagram

The whole weekend was energizing and exhausting at once, and I’m home now, rehydrating, eating a lot of salad, and winding yarn. I also picked up some beautiful yarns from Jill Draper, and Neighborhood Fiber Co and boy, do I have plans for them all! My feet are tired but my head and heart are full. Thank you, Vogue Knitting, for another fabulous weekend.