Posted on May 7, 2005 at 6:06 am

But in West Friendship, the weather is not bad. If you don’t count the cloudbursts and the lightening.  There go our hopes that the girls might regret hanging out here with us, the many, the un-bitter, the house bound.

No, I don’t really mean that.  I hope their feet are dry, their fingers tired, their laugh muscles depleted, and their wallets empty by weekend’s end.  And I look forward to a shiny nose come Monday from having it well rubbed in the weekend’s highlights.


Meanwhile, it’s my birthday!  I’m 42 today. Look what my 15 year-old stepson left for me this morning before he headed out to his day at the Dragon shop.  It’s a needle caddy!  I shed tears over this because he’s never given me anything for my birthday in the 11 years I’ve been in his life, and also because he made it himself.  It’s just perfect for displaying prized needles, like the ones you see here that Dean sent me, just in time for my little day.  Thanks, Dean!