Posted on September 4, 2013 at 3:44 pm

Yesterday, being the first official work day of September, I picked up my keys for the new studio. Youngest is starting at a school with a special focus on gifted spectrum kids. It’s enough of a commute that it makes sense for me to not have to drive home every day only to have to turn around and go pick him up. Staying nearby during the day cuts 2 hours of car time, and the saved gas money will more than pay for the rent of a little space where I can focus on work. Yesterday was the first time I really got to see the studio without the former occupant’s copious stuff in it. It’s a lot bigger than I had thought and I’m wondering if I’m going to rattle around in it too much, but still, I love it.


I’m really happy with the windows. There are two of them, facing north, so I will get bright indirect light. It’s not much of a view


but I’m not really interested in what’s outside. For those of you familiar with the Western Avenue complex, this is where my studio is located relative to the front door:


The windows have a ledge that isn’t deep enough to sit on, but certainly deep enough for coffee cups as my steampunk Jessalu project bag demonstrates for scale (psst: my Rhinebeck sweater is in there).


As a balance to the double windows, I have to tolerate the electrical panel for the floor, but I think it’s worth it for the light.


Being an industrial building, the floor is a variety of materials. Closest to the windows, the floor is sheet metal. I think it’s really beautiful, but for the sake of the cozy,


I’ll be covering part of that up with one of my flea market Kilims currently in storage (they are a weakness of mine). I don’t think I’m going to paint, since I kind of like the mustard walls. Call me crazy, I like mustard. As for what else will go in the space, I have to negotiate with The Mister about chairs to borrow long term, and figure out which spinning wheel will take up residence. There’s a fridge on the premises, and a microwave for general use, but I’ll be needing coffee makings for sure. I’ll post progress, when there is some.