Posted on September 22, 2004 at 2:26 pm

Well, the white knuckle excitement has abated around here somewhat as I settle into the homestretch of Clapotis, and begin to think of my next project. My husband tells me that Tom Cruise’s people keep calling wanting to option the story of my ripping experiences. I think I’ll wait until Gwennie Paltrow rings. I think she would make a film more true to my story: fewer explosions and not so much scientology.

It’s true that I haven’t finished seaming Jaipur–the Linen Drape monster–but I have good intentions. What I really want to do now is make that terrific Nicky Epstein Floral Felted Bag from the latest Interweave Knits. I bought the yarn last week, but I had to make some alternative colour choices because Charlotte’s Web in Exeter, New Hampshire, has had a run on the designated colours; I guess it’s turned out to be a popular pattern. What I chose instead of the ones called for by the pattern include: Amber, Sunglow, and Rust for the flowers; Moss, Chartreuse, and Pistachio for the leaves; Bramble for the stems, and Port Wine for the background. I promised myself not to cast on until I’ve finished one of the three active projects. Digging them out of their hiding place to arrange them for a portrait hasn’t helped my resistance much, but I didn’t have anything else to write about today. Except that thing about Tom Cruise trying to call me.
And that U2 is about to release a new album. Thought I’d just slip that in there. I really love U2. ‘Seen them eight times live. It’s not exactly a claim to fame. I mean, there have to be people out there who’ve seen them more that I have. But I just love those guys.