Posted on September 4, 2010 at 12:35 pm

School's back in session so it's time for a recap of all that happened since last we met.

First, there was a rockin' Fiber Revival at Spencer Pierce Little Farm. If you live close enough to make it, and you don't, you're missing a terrific wool party.


This year, we had beer.  Try to imagine the scene as the beer truck pulled into view down the tree-lined driveway to the farm.  I wish I could have filmed it, a vignette straight out of some kind of prohibition-era slightly-debauched Walton Family film, but there the truck came at 10 in the morning, billowing dust from the dirt drive, flickering red, white, and polished chrome between the ancient trees, to pull poetically into the courtyard to the cheers of enthusiastic (and apparently parched) spinners. The driver and tap-master, Jim, was voted most popular man on the premises by acclaim (sorry, Dave. You gotta wear that kilt to give the guy a run for it next year).

And there were pretties aplenty, (rovings by Sereknity Yarn)


and spinning too, of course (Canadian Production Wheels in action in the Merlin Tree booth).


About two days later, I was in Northern Michigan with my step-daughter and a friend of hers, hiking and kayaking on Lake Superior. 


It was cool enough a few days that we could have a fire and I could get some knitting done (I re-knit the Primrose Path back up to where I had ripped from before).


And other days were just plain perfect.


Now's it's back to real life.